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A Hybrid Real Estate Franchise;
Full Service with a 100% Twist

We believe in providing our franchisees with the roadmap and tools necessary to build brokerages that dominate in their marketplace. Our hybrid brokerage concept provides franchisees and agents all the tools they need to succeed to include technology platforms, training, branding, marketing, support, and free leads; plus agents get paid 100% of their commission too. We are looking for real estate leaders who want to own and grow a large brokerage wherein they guide their agents to become the finest in the industry.

Franchising in 35 States

Message From our Founder & CEO

My name is Johnny Loewy, Founder & CEO of Align Right Realty. I chose to build a hybrid real estate concept that is agent-centric and includes everything brokers and agents need to achieve incredible success. We combined a 100% commission model with a full-service brokerage that provides great training, technology, branding marketing, leads, support, and culture. I've created a different kind of real estate company that takes out the guess work and provides a road map to success.
As one of Wall Street Journal’s top 50 REALTORS® in the country, I know the racetrack agents and brokers need to run on, and I’ve created the best one. We found the best technology and we provide it to our brokers as part of the platform; if we like it enough to recommend to our brokers and agents, we buy it and provide it to our agents free. We include everything from lead generation websites, interactive CRM with app, free leads on demand, contract writing software, mobile consumer app, neighborhood credit and income data, recruiting campaigns, admin support systems, and a step-by-step manual of how to do it all.
Many brokers struggle with systems, procedures, staffing, marketing, training, technology, leads and culture. Align Right puts all of those necessities in a brokerage in a box. Follow to the roadmap to success. I will personally coach each broker to show them how to become successful. Success is at your fingertips, it’s what you do with the opportunity that brings you success. I hope your career Aligns Right.

Message From our COO

My name is Amber Loewy, COO of Align Right Realty, and brokerage administration management is one of my specialties. Agents join for the Broker/Owner, but they stay for the administrative support and culture. I've developed brokerage administrative and management systems to ensure ARR franchisees are able to focus on office growth and culture without being bogged down with administration. My systems allow Brokers to do the proactive work, knowing their well trained admin team is efficiently doing the reactive work. With the right systems in place, management oversight becomes easy and franchisees can monitor staff at a glance.
I personally work with each of our Align Right Franchisees one on one to develop systems within their brokerages that are suited to their desires and state requirements for compliance. Those systems become a Standard Operating Procedures manual that simplifies staff training and gives a consistent reference for administrators to follow. When we're done with the process, apes who can read and type could run an ARR brokerage if humans were in short supply. An administrative staff that follows consistent procedures for agent onboarding, marketing, communication, and compliance is a staff that agents want to work with and franchisees want to brag about. A franchisee who knows they have a well trained, dependable staff is a franchisee that has a strong foundation upon which to grow a large and stable brokerage, and that is my goal for each of our ARR offices.

Executive Team: Leadership Aligned Right

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way," according to John Maxwell. In "The Outliers" Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to master complex skills. But what and how you practice matters. Perfect practice makes perfect, imperfect practice makes frustration. The leaders of Align Right Realty have put in the hours of trial and error necessary to develop systems that work effectively. More importantly, our leaders have developed training and implementation systems to take that expert knowledge and pass it along to agents and brokerage owners or managers. When you practice a perfect process first, you get better results faster. Who better to lead you in your endeavor to own and grow a successful real estate business than an executive team who has mastered every facet of the real estate industry?

Save yourself some time, energy, & money with ARR's systems for:

  • Personal Production
  • Agent Training
  • Broker Training
  • Agent Recruitment
  • Agent Retention
  • Brokerage Administration
  • Brokerage Management
  • Brokerage Expansion

Technology Tools

We believe every Align Right Realty broker and agent should have access to the technology tools they need on a franchise wide basis. As a franchisor we provide the following technology tools to every broker and agent in our organization, and we pay for it as a franchisor. This creates a level playing field where access to necessary tools isn't limited by an agent's or a broker's current financial wherewithal. With access to necessary tools, agents and brokers are limited only by their drive and determination.

We provide our ARR Family with:

  • Website, Lead Generating & Customizable
  • Consumer Search App
  • CRM with Mobile App
  • DotLoop Transaction Manager
  • Zipi Accounting Suite
  • Paradym Social Media Manager
  • Paradym Listing Marketing Suite
  • Matterport 3D Tour Software
  • Online Live Training Platform
  • Online Training Video Library
  • FSBO, Expired, Withdrawn, & Pre-foreclosure Leads
  • Cole Realtor Resource
  • Broker Metrics (Franchisee Access Only)
  • Tech Dashboard to Easily Access All Tools

Franchisee Training

Many real estate professionals who decide to open their own offices do so with a strong background in business startup, growth, and management, but many don't. Wherever you fall in that spectrum, we've got you. Our new franchisee training covers every aspect of real estate brokerage, from getting open and setting up systems to recruiting and retaining agents. Our Franchisee training program includes the following components

Assimilation Procedures

  • Opening a Brokerage
  • Finding, Designing, & Furnishing Space
  • Event Hosting Procedures
  • Brokerage Systems
  • Checklists & SOP's
  • Staffing
  • Administration Training & Oversight
  • Technology Tools Onboarding

Rapid Results Recruiting

  • Recruiting Campaigns for Every Purpose
  • Scripts
  • Objection Handling
  • Tracking & Follow Up

The Interview Process

  • How to present Align Right Realty.
  • Objection Handling
  • Closing

REACT Online Production Training (for agents and franchisees)

  • Weekly Prospecting Activities
  • Weekly Coaching
  • Weekly Core Training
  • Broadcast Live Online Each Week
  • Recordings Available Online On Demand
  • Learn more here (need a page for this under careers)


  • Franchisor Provides
  • Brokers Responsible to Provide


  • To make it easy for agents to get started in the business, the brokerage provides agents with the following items.

Recruiting & Retention